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Pesticides can be scary. They are, after all, neurotoxins designed to kill living creatures. That’s why we only use pesticides that we would use among our own homes and family members. Long past are the days of DDT and Agent Orange; extremely long lasting pesticides that are still found in the environments they were originally used. They were extremely effective at their designed task, but also caused significant harm to humans exposed. Pesticides today are strictly regulated by the EPA and even re-examined after years of approval to again insure safety with proper application.

What You Need To Know About Pesticides

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Currently, pesticides used for insect control are generally synthetic derivatives of the natural pyrethrum flowers, and these pesticides are called pyrethroids. This is also the reason many companies say they only use natural pesticides. Often the synthetic versions of these are made into different chemical shapes, called isomers, to increase their effectiveness, and certain brands combine these with synergists (non-pesticide additives), to inhibit insects from metabolizing them too rapidly.

Pyrethroids act as neurotoxins to insects, inhibiting a nerve signal from being turned off, thereby paralyzing the target pest in all physiological ways. When these chemicals are formulated to have a longer mode of action than the insects organs can withstand and recover from, they are effective in eliminating the insect.

The most interesting concept about our view on pesticides, particularly when addressing scorpions, is that scorpion venom is also a neurotoxin. This venom acts in nearly the same way as the pyrethroids we use to kill scorpions, yet with an infinitely higher potential for life threatening responses. Scorpion envenomation causes intense pain, tingling, numbness, burning, hyper-salivation, choking, difficulty breathing, muscle twitching, uncontrollable muscular movements, and may lead to paralysis of certain muscles.

On top of this response is the greater response of an anaphylactic allergic reaction, which is generated by a histamine response from the body as a result of the venoms presence. Generally our ability to break down scorpion venom is very slow, usually taking between 48-72 hours, far longer than would be required for breakdown of pyrethroids, if exposed.

A second concern for many, is the effects of these chemicals on smaller mammals, like our pets. This is really no different than the applied concept to humans, only a pet would require proportionately less exposure than a human due to the size variance. This level of exposure is also extremely unlikely to occur outside of storage facilities, as the amount applied is dilute and distributed over an area that would make it nearly impossible for a pet to continuously consume.

All pesticides used by Scorpion Shield are rated to kill scorpions and used at the appropriate dosing. These are all also safe for all mammals when properly handled and applied. Any associated danger lies when the product is still wet immediately after application, and risk is all but completely eliminated once applied product is dry.

All products used by Scorpion Shield have shown no indication of carcinogenicity (causing cancer), teratogenicity (causing birth defects), or neuro-degenerative effects associated with long term exposure. These products are however passed through breast milk of nursing mothers, if the mother has significant dermal (skin) or oral exposure. However, studies have shown that nursing infants have had no neuro-degenerative or other secondary cognitive or physical effects to this ingested exposure.

We only use products that we would use in our own homes, among our own children and pets, and we do this to mitigate the far greater risk and danger of exposure to scorpion venom, a risk we have simply become desensitized to. Your home should be a place you are confident in your safety, and we mean to create greater safety with use of these products than would be achieved with risk of scorpions and other dangerous and invasive pests being present.


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