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a scorpion inside a home crawling on a bathroom floor

Tempe Property Owners' Complete Guide To Effective Scorpion Control

November 5, 2021

Scorpions are a common pest in the Tempe, Arizona area. Like other arachnids, scorpions have eight legs. Their coloration varies and may indicate the type of environment where they live. For example, scorpions that live in the mountains are brown to black, while those that live in the desert are light brown to yellowish, lacking pigment.... Read More

up close image of a bark scorpion crawling on a stick

What Every Tempe, AZ Resident Needs To Know About Giant Hairy Scorpion Prevention

October 15, 2021

Every area has its own local pests that may seem odd if you're from somewhere else. If you have recently moved to Tempe from a more northern state, one of the things that might be strange to you is that scorpions are house pests. If you have lived here your entire life, you may have seen these dangerous arachnids around from time to time. ... Read More

an ant infestation on a tempe arizona property

All The Ways Ants Get Into Tempe HomesĀ 

August 13, 2021

Arizona has a wide range of ant species. The basic ant is small, less than ½ inch in length, and red, brown, or black. Pharaoh ants are more honey-colored. The antennas on ants are bent like an elbow.  Although ants and termites are often confused, termites do not have a waist and their antennas are straight.... Read More

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